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Kalyyn (SuperAdmin) 4/19/2009 8:06 AM EST : Epic Boss Trophies
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Many of the main, epic, bosses from EQ2 now drop their head as a trophy!
The head is looted, in a box, from the epics dead-body.
To create the trophy you need to have a crafter made trophy stand  (recipe is purchased from city-tradeskill faction merchants and requires 1 reflective shard, 10 smoldering coal and some T8 resources) in your inventory, right-click and use the box and it will combine the two to create the trophy.

The epic's which currently drop heads are

EQ2: Darathar, Vox, Venekor
DoF: Djinn Master, Godking
KoS: Lord Vyemm, Tarinax
TFD: Chel'Drak
EoF: Wuoshi, Mayong Mistmoore, Clockwork Menace
RoK: Venril Sathir, Trakanon, Leviathan
TSO: Gynok, Zarrakon, Aiden, Munzok, Ykesha


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